Voigt Medica Ophthalmological Center

Voigt Medica Ophthalmology Center specializes in treatment of refractive errors. We pride ourselves on our experienced team of ophthalmologists and optometrists who are responsible for patient preparation for procedures. Our doctors have many years of experience in working with patients which in combination with a wide range of the performed services guarantees the highest standard of care.

The team of Voigt Medica specializes in laser vision correction, cataract removal, correction of keratoconus or refractive lens exchange. We continuously raise our qualifications, as well as quality and effectiveness of our work. We participate in trainings and initiate new procedures, we also invariably invest and deploy state-of-the-art equipment.

Voigt Medica provides a comprehensive ophthalmological care for patients with ophthalmological disorders and experience of operators, high treatment standards and the highest quality of equipment enable to shorten the recovery time.

We continue to be leading centre in Poland which offers a procedure performed with so called WaveLight Refractive Suite i.e. the fastest femtosecond laser combined with the fastest excimer laser in the world. We have the best integrated eye safety system – Eye Tracker 6 D which guarantees a complete safety of the procedure.

Our specialists would like to take up on every challange. Voigt Medica Doctors have a proven record of hundreds of successful surgeries and procedures. Extensive knowledge and professionalism of our staff are effects of many years of practice, experience and continuous improvement of their skills.

Our clinic is chosen by athletes, scientists, celebrities but in the first place our patients include ordinary people who seek assistance. Therefore, we would like to seek to be one of the best ophthalmologic clinics in Poland.


In the Voigt Medica clinic we employ specialists with extensive experience. Each member of our team focuses on a specific group of problems related to the anterior and posterior segment of the eye. To extend our knowledge is our priority and to reach that we are regularly trained in laser vision correction techniques by Alcon specialists. We aim to be the best centre in Poland which performs laser vision correction and of cataract and keratoconus surgeries.

Doswiadczenie Voigt Medica
years of experience
Zabiegi Voigt Medica
performed treatments
Korekcja wzroku Voigt Medica
corrected diopters

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