Why we?

It is obvious for us that when you decide for laser vision correction you can't decide for the palliatives. Learn why you can trust us.

Our rivals

In Poland there are some institutions which offer laser vision correction. They work in different medical, technical and financial conditions. The prices of the surgeries are between 5000 and 8000 PLN for both eyes. The differences are caused by the equipment, what is more the way of the surgery and in the end the results of the surgery which could be more or less comfortable for the patients.

What makes us different?

The Laser Centre VOIGT MEDICA do both kinds of the surgery ( LASEK and LASIK) of laser correction. We are the only one in Poland who offers the surgery with WaveLight Refractive Suite. It is the fastest femtosecond laser connected with the fastest excimer laser in the world. We have got the best integrated eye safety system- Eye Tracker 6D, which guarantees the full safety of the surgery.

Why we guarantee the safety?

We cooperate with the best opticians in Poland and abroad. Our surgeries are situated in one of the most modern operation theatres in our country. The surgeons are very skilled and experienced doctors with certificates of laser surgeries.

If you choose the femtolasik surgery in our Laser Centre you choose the most comfortable and safety surgery.