WaveLight FS200 laser

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WaveLight FS200, together with the WaveLight EX500 excimer laser, constitutes an integrated system called WaveLight Refractive Suite. A femtosecond laser offers the possibility of corneal flap surgery which takes into account many factors including: diameter, shape, thickness, depth, angle and a hinge position.

A device allows to perform large (10 mm) aplanates, which is important when treating high hyperopia, and it provides the surgeon with a high margin of safety. Another advantage of the large aplanation area is that there is no need to perform intracorneal pockets when discharging cavitation gases. The laser automatically tunnels the hinge of a corneal flap, facilitating the gas outlet onto the surface of the cornea. It is also equipped with several solution features which further enhance procedural safety.


The laser automatically performs a daily focal calibration prior to the first planned procedure . Moreover, before each use, it carries out a test called the Beam Control Check. It sets the exact distance between the laser optics and the aplanation test. The FS200 utilizes a similar system to the PerfectPuls used in the excimer laser, which continuously monitors the length and profile of the laser beam.

Distinguished features of the system:

  • Ability to create a corneal flap up to 10 mm in size. Particularly crucial for people with a wide pupil and Hyperopia.
  • Automated docking of the applanted cornea.
  • Correction of the flap’s center may be performed following the suction ring implantation (of 1 mm).
  • Minimizing the Opacified Bubble Layer (OBL) – clouding of the corneal stroma by poor outlet for the carbon dioxide outlet that is produced in the process of photodisruption. The FS200 at the first step of flap creation, makes a tunnel through which the gas contained under a flap can escape.
  • Time for producing a corneal flap of 9mm takes only 6 seconds (3 times faster than any competing lasers).
  • In order to create a corneal flap, our laser uses an average of 80 mW, which takes more than two times less energy than in competing clinics.
  • Auto calibration of the applanated cone before each procedure.
  • WaveLight FS200 is equipped with a microscope made by Carl Zeiss optics and with a built-in camera that allows the procedure to be documented.

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