WaveLight EX500 laser

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WaveLight EX500 is an excimer laser equipped with the same scanning spot used in refractive surgery and it utilizes an operating electromagnetic wavelength of 193 nm.

The uniqueness of this high-tech system is a result of combining a compact excimer laser operating at high-frequency impulses, galvanometric scanners for positioning the laser spot and a fast track system of the eye to determine position of the eye and direction of the laser beam. Both, the Gaussian beam profile of the individual impulses and the ablation diameter provide a desired contour and minimize surface irregularity during ablation


In addition, the combination of optimized wave front photo-refractive applications with an open system design, allows for patient-specific corrections to be performed. These kind of individual corrections may be based on topography or wave front data.

The WaveLight EX500, as an instrument, provides the operator with not only a medical device characteristic of maximum control and security, but also one which offers the patient the highest level of satisfaction.

A further advantage of the spot’s small diameter is that the WaveLight EX500 laser requires only minimal energy to generate an impulse. This results in an excimer laser which has a compact laser beam source, minimum volume and efficient gas consumption. Since the laser operates at a high frequency rate (500 Hz), it ensures a short duration of a treatment (1.4 sek./diopters/at the 6.0 mm. of optical zone’s diameter). An integrated tracking eyeball system (working at the frequency of 1050 Hz) provides a unique and automatic centering of the ablation and tracks even sudden eye movements (response time of the system is 2 ms.).

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