Modern, safe and precise method of vision correction!
Femtolasik treatment is painless.

Modern Ophthalmology Centre

Voigt Medica Cracow



We know each other very well. Taking care of your eyes has been our job for many decades. Our extensive experience combines with the latest achievements in the fields of science and technology.



We are pleased to present you our staff of specialists. Each day, they build trust of their patients and bring a sense of security.



As we are equipped with the state-of-the-art laser equipment in Poland, we also ensure full security of all the procedures that are performed by the most experienced specialists.

What makes us special?

Voigt Medica Modern Ophthalmology Centre as the only place in Poland offers you all types of laser vision corrections. We are still the only company in Poland offering a procedure carried out by means of WaveLight Refractive Suite, which involves the fastest femtosecond laser combined with the fastest excimer laser in the world. We have the best integrated security system for the eye – Eye Tracker 6D, guaranteeing a full safety of the procedure.

Get rid of the glasses

Working with the best ones!

We cooperate with the best ophthalmologists in our country and abroad. The operators are doctors with great experience in surgical treatment, holding certificates that recognize their background and experience in laser procedures.

Safely and painlessly!

Thanks to the most modern and fastest laser in the world we can guarantee a full safety of the procedure. Laser vision correction is carried out in one of the two most modern operating theaters in Poland. Qualifying test takes about 30-60 minutes, while the whole procedure lasts about 20 minutes.

Make an appointment for a procedure and pay in 0% installments!

Patients of Voigt Medica Eye Clinic who do not want to pay once for the procedure are welcomed to spread the cost of surgical treatmentfrom 3 to 12 interest-free installments!