Verion system

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Cataract is a disease involving the progressive clouding of the lens in the eye leading to disturbances in visual acuity. Cataract surgery involves removing the cloudy lens from the eye and implanting a new intraocular lens. The procedure is painless and takes about 15-30 minutes. It is performed under local anesthesia (administration of drops). In cataract surgery, at Voigt Medica we use the most modern technology including femtosecond laser.

It took several months to implement this innovative method (in Poland there are only two centers with a laser for cataract surgery). Cataract surgery performed by means of a laser is particularly important when working on cylindrical and multifocal lenses since only a high precision gives 100% of the expected results. Currently, we are implementing the most modern Verion system which allows to project all of the examination results via a surgical microscope directly on the operating field of the patient’s eye.

The Verion system’s high level of precision

ensures 100% of the expected result

This in itself is an additional safety factor which gives both the patient and operator additional guarantee as to the expected precise outcome of this functionally vital ophthalmic surgery. Thanks to a carefully designed investment system, prices of the surgery are not inflated. Voigt Medica guarantees modern and safe cataract surgery and therefore ensures you complete satisfaction after a period of convalescence.

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