Our equipment

Make an appointment and enjoy all of the procedures carried out by the most modern equipment in Poland.

Thanks to the most modern and fastest laser in the world we can guarantee complete safety of procedures performed, such as the laser vision correction, correction of keratoconus or 2RT laser procedure. Laser surgical procedures carried out by our equipment are painless. Qualifying test takes about 30-60 minutes while the whole procedure lasts a few minutes.

VERION system


Each treatment, such as laser vision correction, femtolasik, smile or correction of keratoconus or any other examinations at Voigt Medica Modern Ophthalmology Centre are carried out on modern equipment which allows us to take care of patient’s health effectively. Modern methods and innovative solutions that are in use allow us to restore a clear and natural sight of our patient successfully .

WaveLight FS200 Laser

Laser WaveLight FS200

WaveLight EX500 Laser

Laser WaveLight EX500

Make an appointment for a procedure and pay in 0% installments!

Patients of Voigt Medica Eye Clinic who do not want to pay once for the procedure are welcomed to spread the cost of surgical treatment from 3 to 12 interest-free installments!