Laser Eye Surgery

Get rid of your sight defect painlessly in a few minutes!

Before we proceed to any examination and laser vision correction – a patient who wears contact lenses is obliged to stop using them. Prior to the surgery, it is necessary to carry out a number of tests and measurements, including testing spatial vision, color vision and determination of visual acuity. There is also an interview with a patient concerning possible diseases and ailments.

Pupil response is measured in different light conditions in order to eliminate problems with vision at dusk and in the dark. A cornea is measured in three-dimensionally at 22 thousand points. Thanks to a aberrometer we are able to measure the quality of the optical system of the eyes in aim of optimizing the individual laser settings for each patient. To make it possible, we need to dilate the pupil with specialist eye drops for a few minutes.

Get rid of the glasses

The course of laser vision correction

Initially, by means of WaveLight® FS200 femtosecond laser, we cut a flap in the upper part of the cornea. It is approximately 0.12 mm thick. Then, we put a flap aside (a flap is not cut off entirely but attached to the “hinge”) and turn on the appropriate formation laser, which contactlessly shapes the surface of the cornea. The average duration of a laser’s operation on the cornea does not exceed 10 seconds. After that, a flap is returned back to its place and suctioned so that the edges of the cuts are virtually invisible. It is the safest operation in the world – ask our ophthalmologist in the reference point if you need more details, or just contact us. The range of vision defect suitable for surgical treatment is +6.0 to -12.0 diopters (astigmatism up to 6 diopters), boundary values depend on the construction of the eye’s cornea.

Why Voigt Medica Modern Ophthalmology Center is so unique?



Since we have the most modern equipment in Poland, as early as the second day post-surgery you will be able to see as if you had never worn glasses. Remember that even if you have been rejected at the medical commission, you can appeal and come back after the procedure.



We offer a qualifying test and a surgical treatment on the same day. People who live far away from us are guaranteed a free stay in a hotel.



What is more, cost of laser correction surgery can be splitted into convenient installments, from 3 to 12 installments of 0%, without extra cost! Have you got any questions? Call us: 12 655 14 67 or write to us!

Medical committee?

Are you forced to get rid of glasses and sight defect in order to get your dream job? Get rid of sight defect in one day! Your sight defect does not need to be an obstacle any longer!

Monovision is a phenomenon in which one eye is dominant at a close distance and second at a far distance. It may be achieved by wearing a variety of lenses so that one eye is slightly nearsighted (from -1.25 to -1.75 diopters) and the other adjusted to zero. People with congenital defect of this kind exist basically all their life without glasses. In refractive surgery, we can create such situation by operating one or both eyes, adjusting the situation to the patient’s expectations.

These kind of procedures may be performed virtually on every person above 45 year-old providing they have minus defect. It is also successfully used in USA. If a patient after some weeks does not accept this situation (2%), then receives a free laser correction eliminating monovision and guaranteeing perfect vision of both eyes from a distance.

Femtolasik procedure

Modern, safe and precise method of vision correction! Femolastik treatment is completely painless procedure.

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Patients of Voigt Medica Eye Clinic who do not want to pay once for the procedure are welcomed to spread the cost of surgical treatment from 3 to 12 interest-free installments!