Glaucoma surgery

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Glaucoma is a disease of the eye leading to a progressive and irreversible damage to the optic nerve. A consequence of nerve damage is decreased vision and in some cases total loss. The main reason for this scenario is an increased pressure in the eye causing pressure on the optic nerve. As a result of this pressure a necrosis occurs.

Although glaucoma affects young people more frequently, those aged 35 and over are most vulnerable. A group at increased risk includes individuals whose close family has also suffered from glaucoma. Certain factors such as migraines, stress, low blood pressure or myopia may affect a development of the disease.

In its initial stage, glaucoma is usually asymptomatic and can be detected only during ophthalmological examination. Increasing pressure inside the eyeball is in most cases due to the hindered flow of aqueous humor out of the eyeball. Asymptomatic glaucoma may progress even over a few years resulting in complete destruction of the optic nerves. During the course of disease, a person with glaucoma may begin noticing visual field defects. Headaches and eye pain caused by the increased pressure in the eye may also manifest in patients suffering from glaucoma.

In order to diagnose glaucoma, a number of ophthalmologic examinations are required. The most important include as follows:

  • measurement of intraocular pressure, namely Tonometry
  • examination of the optic disc
  • visual field examination
  • examination of the iridocorneal angle by goniolens, known as gonioscopy

Painless surgery of glaucoma

Since the changes caused by glaucoma are irreversible, its treatment involves hindering further development of the disease and subsequent damage to the optic nerve. Glaucoma is treated in several ways, the most common method of treatment being the use of specialist drops to lower intraocular pressure. When the drops do not produce satisfactory results, then a laser procedure is used to cut a tunnel through the iris to improve the draining of the aqueous humor from the eyeball.

The new method of unblocking humor outflow with the SLT laser is very safe one and may completely eliminate the cause of glaucoma. The treatment is relatively affordable but requires an experienced physician and a precise diagnosis. In most cases, as a result, medications can be permanently discontinued. Since the effects of glaucoma are irreversible and the disease is often asymptomatic, it is important to remember scheduling regular ophthalmic examinations. People over 35 years should undergo prophylactic tests annually.

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