Frequently Asked Questions

Learn the answers for most common questions related to the procedure and treatment at the Voigt Medica Modern Ophthalmology Center.

Who can undergo the refractive surgery?

Laser vision surgery of sight defects, and possibly, correcting the presbyopia are available for anyone with a stable sight defect. Age is of secondary importance here since there are some special cases in which  a refractive surgery is performed even on children.

What are the contraindications?

The most important contraindications include unstable vision defect, pregnancy and lactation period as well as pathological changes in the cornea (in this case we use other solutions).

Is it possible to see clearly immediately after the surgery?

Yes, but only following the most modern Femtolasik procedure.

Are the laser procedures safe?

Thanks to the fastest high tech lasers in the world we can guarantee full safety of the procedure.

What is the range of operated sight defects?

The operative range of vision defects is +6.0 to -12.0 diopters (astigmatism up to 6 diopters), boundary values depend on the construction of the eye’s cornea. With bigger defects, additional corrective lenses are implanted.

Is it possible to perform refractive surgery on patient with nystagmus?

Nystagmus is not a contraindication in case of our laser.

Is laser procedure painful?

Laser surgeries carried out by modern equipment are painless.

Is it possible to carry out the surgery on both eyes at the same time?

Refractive surgery or laser vision correction can be performed on both eyes at the same time. However, lens replacement surgery (including cataract removal) is divided into two separate procedures.

I live far away from Krakow, is it possible to arrange a qualifying test and a surgery on the same day?

Yes, people who live far away undergo a qualifying test in the morning and a surgery in the afternoon.

How long does the qualifying test and treatment take?

Qualifying test takes about 30-60 minutes while the whole surgical procedure about 20 minutes.

Make an appointment for a procedure and pay in 0% installments!

Patients of Voigt Medica Eye Clinic who do not want to pay once for the procedure are welcomed to spread the cost of surgical treatment from 3 to 12 interest-free installments!